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The Association of Russian-speakers in Korea


The Association is a non-profit organization, uniting people and communities, clubs, organizations – all those who are connected to the Russian language and culture regardless of nationality or religion. It was created by members of the Russophone community in Korea with the purpose of uniting, supporting each other and having the opportunity to communicate together in Russian.


The Association received its official name as the Association of Russian-speakers in Korea on June 5, 2011.


The main objectives of our organization are as follows:

• Providing the conditions for organized meetings and communication between Russian-speakers.

• Sustaining and fostering the use of Russian among the immigrants of the former Soviet Union, the local people and the representatives of other countries

• Assisting Russian-speakers as they adapt to life in Korea

• Providing social services

• Contributing to culture and education

• Performing charitable activities

• Integrating with Korean society


Every week, the Association holds various hobby-classes and organizes themed meetings in the manner of the traditional Russian tea-party. It regularly throws outside events – such as concerts, jamborees, holidays, and picnics. There is also a Russian library.

Anyone who wishes to learn or master Russian can become a member.


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Please feel free to contact us for any further information:

Tel. 070-7143-7561 | +82 (10) 7143-7561